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Cleaning and Infections



To protect your health, we adhere to what are called "universal precautions". This means we use the same protective measures with every patron to prevent the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS or any other infectious disease.

Those universal precautions include:

  • Wearing gloves and maintaining strict aseptic approved tattoo and body piercing procedures;
  • Washing hands before and after each session and changing gloves after each patron;
  • Sterilizing or disinfecting tattoo instruments and equipment after each use;
  • Using new needles for each patron wrapped in special bags that have visible "telltales" to show that these have been sterilized;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in the tattoo area and equipment after each patron;
  • Disposing of needles and other sharp items in special containers;
  • Properly disposing of waste items and contaminated material.


Tattoo studios use various methods to sterilize and disinfect in order to kill bacteria and viruses. Our staff is well trained in those procedures and their appropriate use.

There are several acceptable methods of sterilization of instruments. Instruments that can withstand high temperatures may be sterilized in a steam autoclave by using steam under pressure or with dry heat. Other instruments that can’t be heated are scrubbed clean and then sterilized or disinfected in chemical solutions. These methods of sterilization kill the AIDS virus and other microscopic organisms capable of causing illness.
We use state approved disinfection procedures on surfaces and equipment that cannot be removed for cleaning and sterilization, such as counter tops, drawer handles, lights and other things. A chemical agent, registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a hospital disinfectant, is used in the Tattoo Studio. Disinfection is done in the Tattoo Area between patrons to assure that the studio is absolutely clean for each patron.

The use of disposable items is another way we maintain a clean and safe studio. Many tattoo supplies such as gloves, needles, barrels, piercing needles and razors are used only once and then disposed of properly.


Although you need to be aware of all the safeguards your artist uses, you must also be aware that ultimately YOU are responsible for the care of your new tattoo. These are our recommendations for you new tattoo or piercing:


1. After getting Tattooed leave the bandage on for 1 to 2 hours before removing...this allows the tattoo the bleed out without your lymph drying and scabbing.
2. After leaving the Tattoo shop go buy anti-bacterial liquid soap and non-scented lotion (we recommend Lubriderm or Curial or Palmers Coco butter... we advise only high grade and non-scented lotions... Different lotions work differently on different people) need these products before removing the bandage the first time... let it be known we do NOT advise or approve the use of any A & D, Vaseline, tattoo goo, tat wax, H2 ocean, flim flam, snake oil, etc...
(Although A & D is used during the actual tattooing process, it is not good for healing Tattoos)
3. When removing the bandage for the first time there will be blood, ink, and lymph (clear gelital excretion on your skin)...wash the tattooed area with dial antibacterial soap and Hot water, (as HOT as You can stand...this will cause discomfort but will not damage the tattoo), using your finger tips, no wash cloth, to remove excess ink, and blood...rinse this area for a few minutes...This process pulls out all the elements that create thick scabs and will further the proper healing of your new tattoo
4. Let the tattooed area air dry wiping only the wet areas around the tattoo
5. Now apply a small dab of your lotion, just enough to cover the tattoo. Rub this dab in with your finger is key to only apply a thin layer... for example; thick gooey films are not good (If you leave a thick layer you will potentially create a trap and nest for particles to get stuck to your Tattoo)
6. Each time you wash your Tattoo for the next 48 hours reapply this small dab of Lotion
7 . Keep Tattoo Out of Sunlight...DO NOT touch the tattoo, and try and keep as little clothing friction such as a sock, bra straps, belts, etc away from the tattoo...DO NOT let Drunk Girls or Guys lick your Tattoo
8 . Always wash the tattoo before applying any lotion


NEVER apply peroxide or alcohol or antibiotic cream to a piercing.....
DO WASH well with an antibiotic soap. Wash your hands. Use a Q-Tip to first cleanse the jewelry, then the pierced area. When both are clean move the jewelry within the piercing and then do not play with it until healed.
Consult a health care professional at the first sign of infection or allergic reaction.
Report any diagnosed problems to the artist and to the Texas Department of Health 1-888-839-6676.


We hope this information has addressed some of the questions you may have. If you have other concerns, please feel free to bring them to our attention. We want you to be assured that you are getting the very best and safest tattoo and piercing services we can provide. Please remember, your health is our number one concern.


Thank you, Sincerely Tiger Moon Tattoo 972-259-8287

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