Frequently Asked Questions
A few things you wanted to know about tattoos and piercing but were afraid to ask!

Q: I'm only 16, can I get a tattoo?
A: Only with a judicial order for removal of gang related or obscene AND with the parental consent....Otherwise please wait till you are 18. Tattoos are for life. 18 is the law.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Duh.

Q: Do you pierce below the waist?
A: Yours or mine?

Q: Do you reuse needles?
A: Never. All needles are disposable for your protection.

Q: Can you cover a bad tattoo?
A: Yes. How we achieve this depends the size and depth of color of what you wish to cover-up. Our client usually has options...the choice of the cover is "What expresses who you are?"

Q: Can you re-work an old tattoo?
A: Yes. The tattoo re-work is just like getting the tat anew. Usually just a section of the tattoo can not be re-worked.

Q: How much does a tattoo cost?
A: How much is a green car? The answer is about the same. To quote a tattoo it is best to come into the studio. We need to know what the design is, the size of the piece, the number of colors and where you wish to place it....Each of these factors impact cost.

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